Is Your To-Do List Longer 
Than The Golden Gate Bridge?
Is This You?

Are you so overwhelmed that you can't even 
make a dent in your to-do list by the end of the day?

Do you focus on too many things at once 
to try to keep all the balls in the air?

Do you see the numbers rising for your sales, 
but so does the stress of trying to keep things together?
I Know Exactly How You Feel.
Six years ago, I was so broke and desperate I lived in my car so I could afford to run my business on my own. 

There were so many things that needed to be done, and every one of those things needed my attention - all at the same time.

I enlisted the help of my wife, my kids, (who were living with my mother-in-law) and even my friends to help my business take off, but everything just kept failing. 

I was at the end of my rope. 

And Now...
That's me, having the time of my life with my team.
My business is completely hands off. 
Yup. You read that correctly.

I have the freedom to choose which parts of my business to work on, while someone else takes care of the rest.

I've Developed A System That Will Help You Live The Life You Want.
 Why should you care about my story?

Because when you free up your time,
you can focus on the parts of your business that YOU WANT TO

Once you have a dedicated team of your own,
you will also be able to spend more time with your family.

You can travel the world, take weekends off, 
read leisurely, and do whatever it is you love to do.

If you just want MORE TIME,
this is for you.
So What's The Secret Sauce?
Loyal, affordable, hardworking virtual assistants working for you.

We know the idea is nothing new. That's why it's a well known
  but little understood secret.

It seems like everyone knows about it, 
but does anyone really know where to learn it?

This Is Where I Come In.
My Name Is Tom Tate
I've been in business since I was a kid, when I was buying stuff from garage sales and flipping them to sell at a higher price.

I've tried almost every business imaginable;
from being the highest paid horse farm consultant, to selling products online that helped people fly their own aircraft, to creating software that made people's lives easier.

A few years ago, I went through a horrible “crash.” My business partner ran off with all the money, and I had to live in my car for awhile.

I now run my business online, with my entire team living and working in another country. I have mastered the art of hiring and managing Loyal, Affordable, Hardworking Virtual Assistants who take care of almost everything in my business.
This is my virtual team.
These are the people who run my company while I "goof off".

You know what's interesting to me about this photo?
 Not all of my assistants are in this picture. 

Some of them are working at home, and some are traveling! 

Your team could be 2, or 30 virtual assistants.
You're in the drivers seat. You decide how many people you need to hire to help free up your time.
With my 2xYou "Make It Happen" System, you can be there sooner than you think.

I have developed a surefire, bulletproof, blazing system that allows you to be a successful entrepreneur and still have a life.

With this system, you'll learn how to find, hire and manage your own virtual team.

The best part? You'll have a proven blueprint to turn your virtual assistant profitable - fast.

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Why Is A Virtual Assistant So Vital To Your Business?
 Before I dive into the nuts and bolts of this system, let's do a little housekeeping first.

 A virtual assistant is not...

  • Jack of all trades.
  • Someone to disrespect.
  • Someone to read your mind and dump your work onto without instructions.
  • Someone an agency hires for you.
  • Someone who is only available temporarily.
  • Someone who lives near you, but who can work online.
Rather, the right virtual assistant is a person...
  • hire for a specific skill set.
  • treat with utmost respect.
  • ...who is a dedicated part of your team.
  • ...who has a vested interest in seeing your business grow.
  • ...who takes on projects and strives for excellence.
But we understand your fears. 
You've probably heard horror stories, like:
  • Disloyalty
  • Theft of ideas and money
  • Sudden disappearance in the middle of a project
  • Dishonesty about the work they've done and what they can do for you
  • People who have hired an online employee, and given them training, only to see them quit and start a similar business
With The Right System, You Can Skip All This Drama.
Now you can have a virtual staff, that can...
  • dedicated, and work solely for you.
  • trusted to take care of the bills and even help you pay your virtual team.
  • there for you when you need them to put in extra hours.
  •   ...easily “replace” you - to do the jobs you hate.
  • independently. Someone who knows your style and what to do next without much supervision.
  •  ...hire people to manage your social media, research, create graphics, edit and proofread your work, do your bookkeeping, and all the “small” stuff that helps create the big stuff in your business!
"But Tom, I Can't Afford A Virtual Assistant."

 I thought the same thing too. 
That's until i discovered the Benefits of overseas talent!
Why Hire overseas?
  • My team is crazy productive and hard working.
  • I’m loyal to them, and they’re 10x more loyal to me!
  • The people on my team speak and write in English.
  • My employees have a fierce family mentality. Once we got to know each other, they help me in any way they can.
  • My employees are fast learners. They gobble up and try to master anything I teach them.
Without my team I wouldn't be where I am today.
That's Why I Brought In Two Experts.
Randy Pryor
Serial Entrepreneur
For the past eleven years, Randy has had multiple online businesses in several different industries. 

In fact, he was one of the first people to get my consulting on hiring and managing virtual assistants, and got freedom from having someone else take care of the other parts of his businesses.

He now teaches others how to multiply their productivity by finding, hiring, and managing affordable, highly-effective, overseas talent.
Le-an Lai Lacaba
Outsourced CEO of Blvnp Inc.
Le-an runs Blvnp Incorporated. She hires and manages employees both online and in person.

I hired Le-an more than four years ago as a virtual book editor. And she has risen to become one of the top people in the company.

Le-an is an expert when it comes to knowing how to manage overseas talent!
We Will Help You Succeed In Hiring, Managing And Growing Your Own Virtual Team With Our Step By Step System.
2xYou Is A Revolutionary System For All Entrepreneurs
 It is a step-by-step system, 
where you will have all you need to get your virtual team started

The same system that has helped us gain freedom by having a loyal, dedicated, and affordable virtual team.

In this training you will get:

  •  The 2xYou Masterclass:
  • Online Course With 33 Videos That Breaks Down The 2xYou System ($5997 value)  
  •  Basic Hiring Template:   
  • The Job Post That Automatically Filters Good and Bad Employees ($995 value)
  •   Creating Your Employee's Task List Worksheet:  
  • Get Your Employees Profitable Fast! ($295 value)
  •   Daily Report Template:
  • A Quick Report On How To Easily Manage Your Virtual Employee ($295 value)
  •  The Ultimate Automation Template: 
  • How To Systematize Your Employees Instantly ($395 value) 
  •  Employee Task Monitoring Spreadsheet:  
  • How To Make Sure That Tasks Get Done ($599 value)

Total value = $8,956
One Time $3997
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